Statement from PCC Bob Jones on IPCC report

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Following the publication of the Independent Police Complaints Commission report today (7 May 2014), West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner Bob Jones made the following statement:

“It is almost impossible to imagine the grief of the families of Haroon Jahan, Shahzad Ali and Abdul Musavir. Tariq Jahan’s role in preventing an escalation of the violence and disorder we saw in August 2011, despite facing the horror of the death of his son, cannot be overstated. Any anger or frustration since is entirely understandable and we must listen to those concerns.

“It is alarming that the investigation into West Midlands Police has taken so long to reach a conclusion, and we must keep under constant review how we can ensure that IPCC investigations take no longer than necessary. It is also worrying that, given the report’s findings about former Detective Inspector Kiyani, there is no way to get a resolution via a disciplinary process. The IPCC report’s conclusions are markedly different to those of Mr Justice Flaux at the trial. It is reasonable to ask why this is the case, and I am sympathetic to the calls for there to be a further examination to understand why the judge and IPCC reached such different conclusions. Following a meeting with community representatives, I will be raising some of these broader questions with the police, and I believe that there are serious questions which need to be answered by the courts, Crown Prosecution Service and Independent Police Complaints Commission. A more comprehensive response to these broader questions would be that proposed by Tariq Jahan, which is for the Home Secretary to launch a public inquiry.

“I continue to have the greatest respect for Tariq Jahan. Birmingham owes him a great debt. As ever, he and his family, and the families of the other men who died, have my sincerest condolences as they continue to face such terrible pain, loss and anguish.”
Bob Jones has written to the Home Secretary calling for a public inquiry. A copy of his letter is here.


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